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Pan America Environmental, Inc.
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Pan America Environmental oil water separators are built to API 421 guidelines, Stoke's Law and the best, currently available Flopak coalescing media technology.

Oil Separation
Pan America Environmental manufactures 8 types of oil water separator for the removal of oils, fuels, BTEX, DNAPL, LNAPL and many petroleum based products.

We offer designs for above grade and below grade installation constructed of fiberglass, carbon steel, stainless steel and concrete.

Our oil water separator Flopak media designs can be provided to retrofit existing concrete vaults and tanks to improve their separation performance and increase flow rates.

See literature:

304 SS Oil Water Separator

Fiberglass Oil Water Separator

Large Oil Water Separators

Flopak Coalescing Media

Coalescing Media Pack Systems

Retpak Coalescing Media


Tilted Plate Media

Oil Water Separator Features

  • Flow rates: 1 - 250,000 GPM
  • Flopak Coalescing Media
  • Influent Diffuser
  • Adjustable Water Weir
  • Adjustable Oil Skimmer (OS Fiberglass Series)
  • Oil Reservoir
  • V-Hopper Solids Chamber
  • Vapor Retaining Cover System
  • Vapor Vent(s)
  • Effluent Chamber
  • Separation Chamber
  • Lifting Lugs (steel design)
  • Skid Base (steel design)

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Custom Oil Water Separator Systems

Pan America's product line consists of 8 types of oil water separators, dissolved air flotation, emulsion breaking systems, groundwater remediation systems, stormwater treatment, inclined plate clarifiers, slant plate clarifiers, flocculation systems, ph neutralization systems, filtration systems, vehicle wash treatment systems.

If you need help determining and designing a treatment system for your application please contact our sales staff to assist you in configuring an oil water separator system or other types of systems tailored to your needs.

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